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LT SNAP recommends that you establish an ongoing relationship with a full-service veterinarian for all your pet’s needs.


However, if you own a cat or dog and are unable to afford the cost of spay or neuter at regular prices,
LT SNAP provides $30 (per pet) PET TRANSPORTATION for pet owners in zip codes 78734, 78738 and 78669 to PetPALS, a well-respected, high-quality, low-cost spay and neuter clinic in Marble Falls, TX.​

PetPALS Services 

  • performs spay and neuter surgery

  • provides all required medications (including anesthesia and medications needed both during and after surgery)

  • vaccinates against rabies (unless the animal has been vaccinated)  

  • vaccinates against distemper

  • implants a microchip (unless the animal has one)​


LT SNAP Transportation Schedule on Surgery Day  
(subject to change)

7 am

  • Pet owner brings pet to Lake Travis United Methodist Church, 1502 RR 620N, Lakeway, TX.

  • LT SNAP volunteer provides reviews PetPALS surgery and services cost.

  • Pet owner brings cash or two personal checks that include their driver's license #, birthdate and telephone #. 

  • If paying by check, the first check is for the PetPALS invoice.

  • The second check is for the LTSNAP $30 per pet transportation fee.

  • Credit cards are not accepted. 

7:05 am

  • Climate-controlled vehicle departs for Marble Falls.

12:30 pm (approximate)

  • Pet owners are notified after surgery of specific pet pick-up time.

2 pm (approximate)

  • Upon pick up, owners receives a packet with post-surgery instructions, vaccination and medication information.

  • Pets must be picked up within 30 minutes of assigned pick-up time.

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