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COVID-19 Instructions


In light of the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the spread of COVID-19, we’re doing everything to keep our volunteers and pet owners as safe as possible – all while continuing to provide essential services and pursue our goal of ensuring that everyone has access to veterinary care they can afford.


To keep everyone safe, we’re taking a bunch of steps and precautions – with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, and the American Veterinary Medical Association.


Here is the check-in process during COVID regulations:

  • When you arrive in the Lake Travis United Methodist Church parking lot, stay in your car.  A volunteer will come to you.

  • Wear a mask

  • Stay home if you feel sick or have symptoms of COVID-19. We will reschedule your pet.


Since things are still changing, our procedures might change too. We appreciate your patience and promise that we’re keeping an eye on developments and adjusting as needed.

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