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LT SNAP Press Releases
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LT SNAP Testimonials
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LT SNAP have been so amazing. Mable was so beautifully cared for from beginning to end. I really can’t thank you guys enough. The procedure itself went just perfectly, she has recovered well & is now back to her bouncy-self. Thank you so much!!!    ~Claire Kinnersley

I’m so thankful that I found out about LT Snap. Rochelle was so wonderful with Percy. She stayed with him and loves on him during his procedure. She constantly sent photos of Percy to me. I knew Percy was in good hands!!!! What a wonderful mission this whole program is. ~Terri Glova

I have had many dogs throughout my life and I currently have four dogs and two cats and this was definitely the most affordable and convenient service I have used to alter one of my pets. I highly believe in their mission to spay and neuter your pets. I pledge $25 to someone in need who needs to have their pet altered and wants to use this service.
And I want to add Rochelle and her husband were very patient with me even though I showed up without some of the things I needed and they were able to work with me to make it happen regardless of my mistakes. I’m a frazzled mom of three kids during a pandemic and it showed but thank you for being patient with me.   ~Sarah Rosenbach

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